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Vote Yes for Innocent Children (Nov. 6, 2017)

"Young children are fearful of being separated from their families—or of being returned themselves to countries they barely know. It is up to us, citizens of Salem, to protect these children and their families by joining with other communities throughout the Commonwealth in providing whatever reassurance we can. The Sanctuary Ordinance does just that."

Listening to immigrant voices (Sept. 22, 2017)

"There is a wide range of voices speaking on both sides of the Sanctuary for Peace ordinance debate. What is sometimes lost in this discussion is the voice of Salem's immigrant community itself. That’s not surprising. Almost by definition the people most affected by the ordinance are the least likely to come forward to be heard on this or any other subject, including the issues that affect them most. This includes not just undocumented immigrants but many documented immigrants—the vast majority of our foreign born population—who call Salem home. So it’s important to remember that the Sanctuary for Peace Ordinance is, at heart, designed to help correct this situation." Read full post here.

Getting to Yes (Sept. 18, 2017)

"I was happy to hear an appreciation expressed of our immigrant community even among people who had questions about the impact of the ordinance. And to see open-mindedness towards the facts that Yes on 1 is working to share about why the ordinance will help make Salem safer--and why Chief Mary Butler and Rep. Paul Tucker staunchly support it. For Yes on 1 supporters thinking about volunteering for canvassing or phone-banking, I recommend this way to get to know your neighbors. And also do the most important campaign work of this season." Read full post here.

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