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Supporters of the Yes on 1! Campaign

The following organizations and individuals have endorsed the “Vote Yes on 1” Campaign.

As supporters of the Sanctuary for Peace Ordinance, we are committed to ensuring Salem is for everyone. We know that Salem is a safer community when all residents feel they can report a crime to police, whether as a witness or a victim, without being asked about their immigration status. Salem is a better and more caring community when parents do not fear going to their child's school for an event or to advocate for their child. And Salem is more prosperous when we have a diverse business community that employs a diverse workforce.

Together we can keep Salem a welcoming and inclusive community. Thank you!

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Rinus Oosthoek, Executive Director, Salem Chamber of Commerce

Joanne Scott, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem

Kris Wilson, Salem School Committee member

Linda Saris, Executive Director, LEAP for Education, Inc.

Patrick Schultz, Owner, Mercy Tavern

Rev. Jeffrey Barz-Snell, First Church in Salem, Unitarian-Universalist

Alexandra Piñeros Shields, Executive Director, Essex County Community Organization

[Names of additional supporters coming soon!]

Friends of Salem Sanctuary
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