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Getting to Yes (Sept. 18, 2017)

What you can learn in a few hours of canvassing, as I did in Ward 6 Saturday morning. First, that most people aren't waiting at home to talk with you on the last weekend of summer, even when it's drizzling a little. Second is that it's a real democratic (small d) thrill to get out and meet the wide range of neighbors and Salem voters who are home and mostly ready to talk--whatever side of the issue they're on.

I was happy to hear an appreciation expressed of our immigrant community even among people who had questions about the impact of the ordinance. And to see open-mindedness towards the facts that Yes on 1 is working to share about why the ordinance will help make Salem safer--and why Chief Mary Butler and Rep. Paul Tucker staunchly support it. For Yes on 1 supporters thinking about volunteering for canvassing or phone-banking, I recommend this way to get to know your neighbors. And also do the most important campaign work of this season.

We will be out and about in the coming weeks on Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday--come join us! You can get more information and sign up here. This is how we will win in November!

Oh, and while you're here check out this Letter to the Editor just published in the Salem News from our campaign director and Yes on 1 allies!


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